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Bleach Genealogy

"He who knoweth not from whence he came,
careth little whither he goeth."
                                      Daniel Webster

My Primary Goal concerning genealogy, would be that of finding Jacob Joseph Bleach's roots. He was my Great-Great Grandfather. I've been told that his birth name might have been changed from BLECHA or BLEICH to BLEACH.

Family contacts on the Net

The main Lineages that are included on my pages are:
1. Buckle - Which is about 75% of this site.
2. Jones - Which is about 20% of this site.
3. Bleach - The new journey into research!

Surnames - over 350 of them!

EVERY member in my family tree database (1900+)

Longevity Analysis Report for my family

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Comments, Suggestions and of course Data, are always welcome!
Written and Maintained by
Don Bleach

This project was placed on the net for the first time on 7-16-96.

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